User Guide


Display 8949 Code

The Display 8949 Code option will open a new 8949 Code column in the main grid. This field will list one of three categories by letter, (A, B, or C), or show a blank space. 
Note: this field only displays a letter when a user manually adjusts the code of one or multiple trades. If this field is left blank, TradeLog will automatically assigned a code based on the type of security being traded. For more information on how TradeLog distinguishes securities for tax purposes - see Understanding IRS Form 8949 Categories.
To activate the Display 8949 Code option, go to Options, Global Options or the View menu, then check the Display 8949 Code option, click OK to apply the change. The new 8949 Code column will open on the grid display.
  • TradeLog may need to be resized to properly display all columns shown in the grid.