User Guide


Display All Trades Within a Date Range

All trade transactions (open or closed, long or short) executed during a specified period of time can be displayed on the grid:
  • Click the Date Range button on the toolbar.
  • The Select Date popup window will appear. 
  • To specify the beginning and end date parameters, enter the dates manually in the fields provided or use the calendar functions provided. 
  • To specify an entire year, enter the year manually in the field provided or use the dropdown menu provided. 
The date range parameters and year values available are  contingent on the trade records previously imported into the data file. If the range parameters are incorrect, users may receive a list index out of bounds error message.
Finding and displaying trades executed during a specific date range can allow a user to analyze and measure trade performance and profit and loss over that time period.  Use the Date Range function to display pertinent trades on the grid, then run Trade, Performance or Gains and Losses reports.
To refresh the grid with all trades in your data file, click the All Trades button on the toolbar.