User Guide


Display Open Positions

For a particular Trade Number, when the number of shares that have been closed/sold do not equal the number of shares that were previously opened/bought, the trade is considered to be an open position.
All trade positions that are currently open in a data file can be viewed in the Open Positions Window:
  • To launch the Open Positions Window, click the Open Trades button on the toolbar.
  • The window will now display all open positions as of the last date of import. If you have imported January of next tax year, the last date of import will be January 31 of next tax year (or whatever the date was for your last trade in January).
  • Click on any column header to sort by that column.
  • For your convenience, an Average Price has been calculated for each open position. This comes in handy when you have purchased shares over a period of time, and need the average cost of all shares.
  • To view your open positions as of any date, click the drop down arrow and select a date using the calendar.
  • To view your open positions as of December 31 of the current tax year, click the Year End Open Positions button.
  • To shift open positions  to a new data file, due to  switching brokerages or accounts, click the Transfer Open Positions button.
  • To price all open positions at a 20 minute delay, click the Get Current Prices button.
  • To remove all options that were not exercised and have passed their expiration date, click the Expire Options button.
  • To copy your open positions and paste them into notepad, Word, Excel, etc, Click the COPY button
  • To print your open positions, click the PRINT button.
  • To close the Open Positions Window, click the CLOSE button.
To refresh the grid with all trades in your data file, click the All Trades button on the toolbar.
After each import from a broker trade history report, compare the data in the Open Positions Window with the open positions listed on your report (as of the last date imported). This will help you to identify and resolve any trade-matching issues before more trade data is imported and the problem is compounded.
The portfolio management tools in the Open Positions Window, such as pricing all open positions to current market prices, provides insight to see potential unrealized gains and the automatic expiration of options. Please see Using the Open Positions Window, Get Current Prices and Expire Options for more details.