User Guide


Display Time stamp

The Display Time option will open a column to the right of the Date column on the grid. This column may be used to record the execution time for each transaction.
TradeLog adheres to the IRS "First In, First Out" accounting method. During the import process, the trade date and time of day (if provided) for each trade is carefully reviewed, then trades are grouped and matched according to the FIFO method.
For active traders who trade in and out of the same stock a number of times throughout the day, and whose brokers do not report time of day, the FIFO method may match trades in a manner that is not consistent with their trading. Entering time stamps in the Time column can be particularly useful in force-matching specific transactions.
To activate the Display Time option, go to Options, Global Options or the View menu, then check the Display Time option, click OK to apply the change. The new Time column will open on the grid display.