User Guide


E-File Using Form 8453 Method - Recommended

E-Filing using Form 8453 is our recommended method for using TradeLog reporting.
TradeLog users who are e-filing with popular tax software programs find that this method is the simplest and most accurate.
This method is supported by both TaxACT® and TurboTax® as well as other e-file software solutions. Rather than dealing with exporting and importing data between programs, you will simply enter the totals from your TradeLog generated report into your tax program. Once you submit your tax return, the program should generate IRS Form 8453 which you mail along with a printed copy of your TradeLog generated Form 8949. The IRS will process your electronic return; when they receive the Form 8453 and attached documents, they will store these for future reference if needed.
Why use this method?
  • E-File with Accuracy: Benefit from quicker e-file processing - especially if you are waiting on a refund - while using accurate reporting generated by TradeLog.
  • Save Time and Frustration: We have seen users spend hours hassling with other tax programs as they try to import data and deal with the various limitations of those programs.
  • Include Statement of Differences: This method also allows you to include a statement explaining Form 8949 differences and adjustments with 1099-B along with your Form 8949 if you choose to do so.
  • TaxACT® users: no need to send in paper forms! Beginning in 2013 tax year TaxACT® allows you to attach a PDF of your Form 8949 for e-file submission.