User Guide


Editing Multiple Trades

The mass editing of multiple transactions is generally limited to cutting, copying, pasting and deleting trades. Certain Edit menu options such as Match Tax Lots and Toggle Short/Long or Long/Short allow for multiple trades to be selected and edited simultaneously, but in most cases, users will need to edit trade data in each record individually.
To manually edit multiple trade records in a data file:
  • Select the first record to edit by single-left-clicking on any cell in the record.
  • Click Edit, Edit Single Record (or use the F2 shortcut key).
  • To open a cell in the record for editing, click on the cell. The current data will be highlighted.
  • Edit the data in the cell as necessary. A calendar function is provided for the Date column. Dropdown menus are provided for the Time, O/C, L/S, and Type/Mult columns. If desired, use these features to edit data in cells in these columns.
  • When the editing is completed for that record, select the next record you wish to edit by single-left-clicking on any cell in that record.
  • Follow Steps 4 and 5 for all records that require editing.
  • To save all editing changes, hit the Enter key twice on your keyboard.
  • A Confirm popup window will appear, asking "Save your changes?"  Click YES to save, NO to cancel
  • If you selected YES, TradeLog will re-sort and re-match your trades.