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6. End Tax Year - Create Next Year File

End current tax year - make adjustments for next year:
  • Please see the lesson: End Tax Year in our Online Tutorial for a video discussion of how to use this function in TradeLog.
Please make sure that you have imported a full 13 months worth of data prior to running the End Tax Year function (January 1 through January 31 of the next tax year). January of the next tax year trades are required for properly calculating wash sales. Do NOT import January of next tax years trades if you have elected MTM for this tax year.
Before TradeLog can complete the End Tax Year Function you will need to complete the Year End Checklist for each account managed in TradeLog:
  • Select the Account Tab for the account you wish to complete the checklist on.

  • To open the Year End Checklist, right-click on the Account Tab and choose the option for Year End Checklist. (Or you can also choose the option from the Account menu.)

  • The Year End Checklist dialog box will appear.

    Check off the items on the Checklist that you have completed. If you are not sure whether you completed the item you can click the Action Button to go directly to that operation. Then return to the Year End Checklist to continue.

    Note: Some checklist items may be disabled if they do not apply to your account.

    For more detailed instructions for each checklist item, please click on the appropriate link below:

         Expired All Open Options That Expired in Current Tax Year
         Exercsed All Options That Needed To Be Exercised
         Verified Year End Open Positions
         Reconciled 1099
  • Once you have completed and checked off all checklist items for your account click OK.

  • Repeat the Year End Checklist for all accounts, then proceed with the instructions below.
Select an option below to proceed with step-by-step instructions:
Note: Beginning with version 9.3 onward you are able to have multiple brokerage accounts in one TradeLog file. Most users will have only one TradeLog file for the tax year. However, if you have maintained separate TradeLog files for your brokerage accounts you must combine those separate data files for the tax year into one combined data file so that TradeLog can calculate wash sales across accounts. Instructions will be provided based on your choice below: