User Guide


Expire Options

When broker trade history reports do not record option expirations, users can expire all open option positions in a data file by clicking the Expire Options button from within the Open Positions Window. TradeLog will find all open option positions and evaluate the option expiration date versus the current date. If an option has expired, a closing transaction will automatically be created to close out the option at zero cost.
To use the Expire Options function:
  • Click the Open Trades toolbar button to launch the Open Positions Window.
  • Click the Expire Options button.
    Note: The As Of date defaults to the last transaction date in your file. You can change it to the current date or a previous date to expire option only for a certain date range.
  • If there aren't any option records available for expiry, a "No options expired" popup window will appear. Click OK to close the window. If this message appears even though there are options that should be expired, please make sure that the options are in the proper format as seen HERE
  • TradeLog will automatically create a closing transaction with a zero price for each expired option.
  • To refresh the grid with all trades, click the All Trades toolbar button.