User Guide


Import using BrokerConnect

Note: If you are using your social security number as your Fidelity Customer ID you will need to change this first before you can use brokerConnect. Fidelity has instituted new security measures and will reject your login when using brokerConnect.
General Procedure:
(Limited to the last 5 years, 90 days at a time)
  • Run TradeLog and click on the Fidelity Imp button.
  • A popup dialog box will ask whether you want to import using brokerConnect or to import from the Web. Click YES to import using brokerConnect.
    Note: If you already selected a default method of importing when creating your file, this box will not appear. Please move on to the next step.
  • A popup dialog box allows you to enter your Customer ID, your PIN, and your Account Number.
    The From date pick box shows the from date that will be used for this import. You can use the default date or if you want to import a specific month you can select the first of the month date from the drop down calendar.
    The default import date range is 90 days. However, if you have a large number of transactions Fidelity's server may hang, in which case you will have to select 1 Month to import one month at a time.
    Clicking on the Timeout button allows you to increase the time TradeLog will wait for a response. This may be necessary if you have a slow internet connection.
    This information gets encrypted and is stored in your TradeLog data file. It only needs to be entered once for each brokerage account.
    The next time you click the Fidelity Imp button your information will be displayed in the box and you simply click the OK button to continue.
  • Click OK and TradeLog will connect to the Fidelity web site to get your most current trade information.
    Please do not click your mouse or press any keys until your data is imported!
    NOTE: If the login hangs at this page it may be due to your having saved your login info when you last logged in using your web browser. Please close TradeLog, open your web browser and clear your cache. Then start all over again at step 1.
  • Your trades will be automatically imported and matched.