User Guide


Create a Backup Data File

It is a good practice to backup your files on a regular basis to an external hard drive or memory device
so that your data will not be lost in the event of a computer crash.
The Backup/Restore function allows you to create backup files:
  • Click on File, Backup/Restore

  • The TradeLog Backup and Restore dialog box will appear.

    You can choose to Add date/timestamp to backup file name by checking the box.

  • You can choose the location to save the backup by clicking the Change... button. Or to restore to the default location check the box to Use Default Backup Directory.

    The default backup location is in your \Documents\tradelog\Backups folder.
  • After making your selections, create the Backup file by clicking OK.
  • If you need to Restore a backup file click here for instructions.