User Guide


Finding Trades using Grid Filter Dialog

This dialog allows you to combine many different filters in one concise dialog.
Use the Grid Filter dialog to find specific investment types:
  • Click Find, Grid Filter dialog.
  • Select the appropriate instrument type using the INSTRUMENT TYPE radio buttons.
  • Choose from the variation of extra filters displayed in the dialog (optional)

    - Short/ Long (Whether or not the investor wants the position to increase or decrease in value)

    - Purchase/Sales (Display the cost basis, proceeds or both)

    - Current Tax Year (Option to only display trades from the selected tax year of the data file.) .

    - Clear All Other Filters (Removes any previous filters applied before opening the Grid Filter dialog)
  • Click the OK button and only the selected instrument, such as Options only, will be displayed in the grid. To refresh the grid with all trades in your data file, click the All Trades button on the toolbar.
  • Finding and displaying a specific investment type on the grid can allow a user to analyze and measure trade performance and profit and loss for that investment.
  • To run Trade, Performance or Gains and Losses reports for a specific investment, display all trades for that investment on the grid and run the desired report.
  • To isolate all stock proceeds for reconciliation, if there is a discrepancy between the imported transaction history and broker issued 1099 year end reports.