User Guide


Finding a Ticker

To find and display all trades with specific ticker descriptions in the grid:
  • Click Find, Ticker.
  • The Find Ticker popup window will appear. In the field provided, type the ticker description(s) you are searching for.
  • Click OK.
  • The resulting grid will only display the ticker descriptions specified.
To refresh the grid with all trades in your data file, click the ALL Trades button on the toolbar.
To display one ticker description only, type in the entire ticker  (i.e. "DELL")
To display a range of ticker descriptions, type in the first letter range  (i.e. "A-F")
To display more than one specific ticker description, type in each ticker separated by commas  (i.e. "AAPL,DELL,MSFT")
The character "*" is a wildcard value. To find all tickers beginning with a specific letter, type in the letter followed by an asterisk.  (i.e. to display all trades with tickers beginning with a "D", type in "D*".