User Guide


Get Current Prices

From within the Open Positions Window, users can get current prices for all open positions to see unrealized gains (or losses). 
Users must be connected to the internet when running the Get Current Prices functions, and have uninhibited access to certain financial web sites.  Without this access, TradeLog cannot gather the necessary pricing data and will generate an error message.
To see all open positions with current pricing:
  • Click the Open Trades toolbar button to launch the Open Positions Window.
  • The new window displays a summary of all open positions currently in the data file.
  • Click the Get Current Prices Button
    Note: TradeLog looks up current prices from designated online resources. However some securities and/or option contracts on securities may not be available. If this occurs, TradeLog will prompt the user to enter the current price which should be available from their broker.
  • The resulting Grid displays all open positions in the data file with current price values. The grid will display all transactions (buys and sells) related to each open position. You may scroll up or down to view the positions.
5. Click All Trades to refresh the grid back to normal.