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Import Data into TaxACT®

Once you have exported the TaxACT® csv file from TradeLog, you are ready to import into TaxACT®.
WARNING - Do not enter broker 1099-B data into TaxACT® for trades/accounts for which you are using TradeLog, as this will incorrectly be added to Form 8949! If you have already entered such 1099-B data you must delete it from TaxACT® before proceeding with the TXF import!
Important Notes:
Follow the steps below to import your TradeLog generated CSV file into TaxACT® Online Deluxe:
  • Sign in to your TaxACT® online account or create a new account.
  • To go directly to the import page, click on Federal Q&A, then select Investment Income, then Gain or loss on the sale of investments, then Stock Data Import.

    Note: If you are following the Step-by-Step guide in TaxACT® you should reach a point where you are asked if you have Investment Income - Investment Sales, click Yes. Then choose the Stock data import option for method of entry.

  • Click on the CSV Import button.
  • Click the Choose File button. Navigate to and select the appropriate CSV file you saved in your computer. The default location is  My Documents\Tradelog\Reports. Once you have selected the appropriate CSV file for import, click the Open button.
  • Next click Continue to begin upload and import process.
  • TaxACT® will attempt to identify the column header data in the file as shown in the images below. Make sure that the header data is identified correctly, then click Next.
  • Next TaxACT® will prompt you to select which rows of data will be imported. By clicking the checkbox at the top of the Import column you can select all rows - typically the easiest method. You may be prompted to confirm, please make sure NOT to select the Header Row. Once all rows are selected (as shown below), then click Next to continue.
  • TaxACT® will now allow you to chose the owner of the data, if necessary. Click Next to continue.
  • TaxACT® will next move to the Reporting Category. You should not need to adjust any codes in this column as these have been identified automatically. Click Next to continue.
  • TaxACT® will list all data found in the CSV file, click Import to complete the data import.
  • Click Close when finished.
  • To review the import result, click on Income under the Federal Q&A tab,

    The total listed under Capital Gains & Losses should reflect the total gain or loss reflected in TradeLog (in addition to any other capital gains or losses you have already entered into TaxACT®). Once you complete your online filing you can confirm your short-term and long-term capital gains and losses on the Schedule D form.

    NOTE: TaxACT® rounds transactions to the nearest dollar, therefore there may be a small discrepancy in comparing totals from TaxACT® and TradeLog.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: If you opted to include adjustment line(s) to reconcile cost basis differences with 1099-B on your TradeLog generated Form 8949, those adjustment line(s) will NOT be imported into TaxACT®. If you desire to include the adjustment line(s) in TaxACT® you will be responsible for manual entry - see our instructions for manual entry.
You have now finished importing into TaxACT®! If your totals do not look correct, please make sure you have followed all of these steps,  you may contact TradeLog support with questions, however TaxACT® is not affiliated with TradeLog, therefore we are limited in the support we can provide.
See our FAQ on Filing your Taxes