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Import Data into TurboTax®

Importing Form 8949 transactions from a TradeLog generated TXF file is only supported in TurboTax® CD/Download (desktop application) products. If you are using TurboTax® Online you will need to follow the instructions for Entering Form 8949 Totals Into TurboTax®.
Important Notes:
  • If you need to include a statement explaining Form 8949 differences and adjustments, we recommend you do NOT use the method listed below, instead use the Form 8453 e-filing method.
  • If you have opted to include adjustment line(s) for reconciliation of cost basis differences with 1099-B, be aware that those adjustment lines cannot be imported automatically into TurboTax® but must be manually entered. In addition, negative cost basis adjustments are not supported by TurboTax®. You will be responsible for manual entry of these line(s) if you choose this method. Or we recommend using the Form 8453 e-filing method.
  • TurboTax® is not owned or controlled by TradeLog. Therefore, we do not provide technical support for the use of TurboTax® products. We provide only basic instructions for general use with TradeLog reporting. Please contact TurboTax® for specific assistance using their product.
    WARNING - Do not enter broker 1099-B data into TurboTax® for trades/accounts for which you are using TradeLog, as this will incorrectly be added to Form 8949! If you have already entered such 1099-B data, you must delete it from TurboTax® before proceeding with the TXF import!
Once you have exported the TurboTax® TXF file from TradeLog, you are ready to import into TurboTax®.
Follow the steps below to import your TradeLog generated TXF file into TurboTax® CD/Download versions:
  • Open your return in the desktop program
  • On the top menubar is a FILE menu.
  • Click it, and in the dropdown choose IMPORT.
  • In the second dropdown menu choose "From accounting software."
  • On the next screen make your choice, and Continue.
Notice: We no longer provide detailed step-by-step instructions for importing TXF data into TurboTax®. Our users have found the Form 8453 method to be the simpler and most accurate way to e-file with TradeLog reporting.
See our FAQ on Filing your Taxes