User Guide


Import using BrokerConnect

Notes: Some users have experienced timeout problems when using brokerConnect. You can try changing the timeout value to 120 seconds or greater to see if that helps.  But it has been our experience that IB sometimes cannot handle the requests and it times out.  You can try again at a later time and usually it will work. Or you can import from the web per our instructions below.
Preliminary Procedure:
You must first activate the TradeLog Service for each IB account that you have:
  • Log into the IB web site and select Reports, Settings, Third-Party Services:

  • Next scroll down and click the Activate button in the TradeLog Service Status section:

    Finally, write down the Token and Query ID numbers as shown below:

  • You only have to activate each account once fro all time.
  • You will enter these two numbers in the TradeLog brokerConnect dialog as per the next set of instructions.
  • Once entered into TradeLog, these numbers will be saved in the encrypted file.
General Import Procedure:
  • Run TradeLog and click on the IB Imp button.
    If you selected "Select each time" as your Import Method, a popup dialog box will ask whether you want to import using brokerConnect or to import from the Web. - Click YES to import using brokerConnect.
    Note: If you already selected a default method of importing when creating your file, this box will not appear.
  • A popup dialog box allows you to enter your Token, and Query ID numbers.
    This information gets encrypted and is stored in your TradeLog data file. It only needs to be entered once for each brokerage account.
    The next time you click the IB Imp button your information will be displayed in the box and you simply click the OK button to continue.
    The From date pick box shows the from date that will be used for this import. You can use the default date or if you want to import a specific day or you can select the first of the month date from the drop own calendar for a specific month.
    The To date pick box allows you to select your own end date for a custom date range import. The To date must always be a Monday through Friday, so if you select a To date that is a
    Saturday or Sunday, TradeLog will revert back to Friday's date.
    The default date range is Max which will import up to one year's worth of data.
    Select 1 Month to import one month at a time.
    Clicking on the Timeout button allows you to increase the time TradeLog will wait for a response. This may be necessary if you have a slow internet connection or large amounts of data.  You may also have to reduce the date range as well and import in smaller chunks.
  • Click OK and TradeLog will connect to the IB web site to get your most current trade information.
  • Your trades will be automatically imported and matched.