User Guide



Lightspeed Trading, LLC
  • Prior to Nov 5, 2014 Lightspeed used APEX Clearing for their clearing services.
  • From Nov 5, 2014 forward Lightspeed is clearing thru Wedbush Securities, and has implemented an API for our brokerConnect import method, as well as a TradeLog CSV file download from their website.
There are three different methods of importing transaction history from Lightspeed into TradeLog
(for instructions select a method below):
1. brokerConnect - this is the recommended method of importing - for trade history from Nov 5, 2014 onward.
2. TradeLog CSV file - downloaded from Lightspeed website-  for trade history from Nov 5, 2014 onward.
3. CSV file from Apex Clearing - for trade history prior to Nov 5, 2014.
        Users may need to contact Lightspeed to enable APEX Clearing on your account.