User Guide


Lightspeed CSV Import

  • This import is only for trade history from Nov 5, 2014 and onward.
  • For trade history prior to Nov 5, 2014, please use the Apex Clearing CSV import method.
General Procedure:
  • Log on to the Lightspeed.com web site and select My Account, Trading Reports.

  • From the STATEMENTS drop down dialog box, select your Account Number

  • From the reports menu choose Blotter.

  • Select the desired date range then click Apply. The trade history will be displayed.

  • Select the option to download the TradeLog CSV format as indicated by the logo shown below.

  • Click the link to download the files. Note, depending on your web browser you may have to right click and choose Save As.

  • The downloaded CSV file will be in a zip format. Typically you can open the downloaded zip file then right click on the CSV file, then choose to Copy.

  •  Navigate to the "Documents/tradelog/Import" directory, then paste the CSV file in this folder for best results.

  • Run TradeLog.
  • Make sure you have selected the Lightspeed CSV import filter for this account tab, and click the Lightspeed Imp button on the toolbar.
    The Lightspeed Import dialog appears.
  • Select the CSV file you downloaded and click on the Open button.
  • Click on the Yes button to confirm your import and save to disk. Clicking on the No button will cancel the import.