User Guide


Manually Entering a Trade

To manually enter trade data into a new record in a data file:
  • Add or insert a new trade record into the data file. See Adding or Inserting a Record.
  • Enter the Trade Date. Two digit month and day, and a four digit year (ex. 12/28/2011).
    Separators must be forward slashes ("/"). Alpha-numeric date formats are not acceptable (ex. March 11, 2011).
  • Enter the Time of Day. In the Time column (optional). Enter time stamps using the "00:00:00" format.
  • Specify if the trade is an open position or closed position. In the Open/Close column, enter an "O" for open or a "C" for close. Other acceptable entries are "W" for wash sale adjustments, and "M" for mark-to-market year-end price values (TradeLog MTM only). Any other entry is invalid.
  • Specify if the trade is Long or Short. L/S stands for Long/Short. Here you will specify whether you bought to open or sold to open. If you bought to open shares/contracts then you will use L for Long. If you shorted shares/contracts, sold to open, then you will use S for Short
  • Enter the Ticker description. This is the NYSE symbol of the company being traded. Make sure when entering multiple records for the same security that the ticker symbols are identical. TradeLog cannot match two records with different tickers - even if they vary due to one special character (ex. %, &, -, /) or a space.
    Mutual Funds - are generally entered as a five character alpha symbol, (ex. AAPIX)
    DRIPs - are entered the same as stock (ex. AAPL)

    BONDS - are entered as a security description exactly as seen on your broker's monthly or end year tax statement (ex. CALIFORNIA ST GO BDS ST)
    Options - need to be in the following format: Ticker symbol, expiration day, expiration month, expiration year, strike price, & whether it is a CALL or PUT. (ex.: "AAPL 22JAN11 280 CALL")
    Futures - can be entered using future symbols (ex.: "ESM6" or "ESM06") or TradeLog standardized option symbol format (ex.: "ES DEC11")
    Futures Options - can only be entered using TradeLog standardized futures option symbol format (ex.: "ES DEC11 1030 CALL")
  • Enter the number of shares. In the Shares column. This is the number of shares bought or sold. Any decimal number up to 5 characters is valid (Ex: 9.99999).
  • Enter the price. In the Price column. Record the price paid for the security. Any decimal number is acceptable.

    Note: bonds should always be priced at $1, and the full amount of the trade will should be the same as the gross amount. Remember to also make necessary adjustments for the commission.
  • Specify the investment Type. Here you need to specify what type of security you are entering.
    If entering a stock or bond position select STK-1
    If entering a mutual fund position select MUT-1
    If entering a DRIP position select DRP-1
    If entering an option position select OPT-100
    If entering a single stock future select SSF-100
    If entering a futures position or broad-based index option select FUT- (You need to enter the multiplier).
    If entering a currency select CUR- (You need to enter the multiplier.)
  • Enter broker Commissions. This is the commission paid on the shares or contracts when they were originally purchased. If left blank, the commission will be calculated from the value in the Amount column (providing the Amount includes commissions and fees).
  • Leave the Amount column blank
    TradeLog will automatically calculate this column.
    Amount = Shares x Price +/- Commissions & Fees
  • Save the transaction by pressing the Enter key on your keyboard twice. A Save popup window will appear, asking you to "Save XX records?" To save, click YES. To cancel, click NO.