User Guide


Multi-Account TradeLog Files

Beginning in TradeLog version 9.3 you are able to create multi-account data files to manage trade history for multiple brokerage accounts and types in one place!
Here is how a multi-account file works:
  • The file is assigned a tax year and a descriptive name. Example: "2012 John Doe.tdf". (Each tax year must have its own TradeLog data file.)
  • Within the file, multiple accounts are created as Account Tabs. All accounts must be for the same tax entity and same tax year.
  • Trade history is maintained and edited within the individual Account Tabs in TradeLog.
  • The All Account tab provides a combined view of all trades in all files, allowing for combined reporting at any time.
  • Final tax reporting is run from the All Account tab view so as to properly account for IRS rules that involve multiple accounts.
A multi-account file can contain:
  • All personal accounts for any broker, whether regular cash basis, IRA (non taxable), or MTM elected accounting method as long as they are filed under the same social security number or Tax ID.
  • Your spouse's accounts if filing jointly.
  • Your partnership or entity accounts if filed under the same social security number or Tax ID.
A multi-account file can NOT contain:
  • Accounts that are filed under a separate social security number or Tax ID number.
  • Accounts that are for a different tax year then the year of the file.
TradeLog users are encouraged to use multi-account files as the standard. You are still able to maintain individual files for accounts and then combine these for tax reporting at year end.