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Web Import

Web Import
NOTE: This import method has limited support for futures and is not recommended.
General Procedure:
  • Go to the optionsXpress web site and click on the Accounts tab, then click on Activity.
    On your Account Activity page, you will see all transactions, including filled orders, deposits and withdrawals, money market sweeps, and dividends and interest. You can also select the time period and specify the transaction type.
  • Select the Period and Type from the drop down boxes and click GO.
    Please make sure the Show Commissions & Reg. Fees** box is checked.
    TradeLog only imports completed trades, so please select All Trades for the Type box.
    Do not use Options Trades, or Stock Trades.
    Do not click on "Download your activity" or "Quicken"
  • Use Edit, Select All (Ctrl-A shortcut) to select the entire page.
    ... or ...
    Use your mouse to select the report table.
    Please make sure you select the field name header line.
    For tips on selecting a report table with your mouse see: Selecting a report table with your mouse
  • Copy the report data to the Windows clipboard Edit, Copy or Ctrl-C shortcut.
  • Run TradeLog
  • Click on the optionsXpress Imp speed button.
    A popup dialog box will ask whether you want to import using brokerConnect or to import from the Web. Click No to import from the Web.
    Note: If you already selected a default method of importing when creating your file, this box will not appear. Please move on tho the next step.
  • If the Trades already imported warning dialog box pops up, it alerts you to the fact
    that you may already have some trades imported up to the date shown.
    You can either import from the next date onward, or import all of the trades copied.