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Printing and Mailing IRS tax Forms

Printing and mailing your IRS tax forms
  • Click the printer button to print IRS Form 8949
    You are now ready to copy the report data to your IRS Schedule D.
  • The last page of the Form 8949 TradeLog generates includes a Summary form with totals. You can copy these totals onto your Schedule D form. NOTE - you are responsible for making sure the totals on Schedule D are correct. If you had other taxable gains or losses that were not reported in TradeLog, please make sure you include them as instructed by the IRS.
  • Attach the Form 8949 reports that you printed to your Schedule D for filing.
You are now ready to work on your data file for the following tax year. Click File, Open to navigate to and open the next tax year data file that was automatically created during the End Tax Year process. You may begin importing your trades from February 1 of the next tax year onward.
For a summary of the different trading instruments available and what IRS form is required for filing your gains and losses for each instrument type, please see our online Tax Topic: Forms for filing your taxes from trading.