User Guide


I can't find my data files.

TradeLog program files and user-created data files containing imported trades are saved in different locations in a user's computer. We strongly recommend backing these files on another flash or media device.
  • The default location for TradeLog set-up and program files is "c:\program files\tradelog", unless another location has been specified by the user.
  • The default location for data files created by the user is "my documents\tradelog"
As TradeLog data files are identified by the file extension *.tdf, the easiest way to locate your data files on your computer is to run a search using Windows Explorer or by using the Search or Find function from the Windows Start menu. When prompted to enter a file name to search for, type in "*.tdf" (asterisk + period + tdf) and run the search. The search utility will list all TradeLog data files. Make a note of the file path to the data file you would like to open.