User Guide


Confirming 2012 File Accuracy

It is possible that some users' 2012 files are missing wash sale deferral positions. This is a result of a particular scenario in TradeLog where a user ran the 8949 report and then ran the End Tax Year function while in the same TradeLog session.
If you ran the End Tax Year process already, and you have 2012 files please confirm the accuracy of these files with the following steps:
1.) Run TradeLog, if prompted to update your software please cancel the notice and do not update at this time.
2.) Open your 2011 TradeLog data file. (If you have more than one brokerage account you should open the combined data file you used for tax reporting).
3.) Once the 2011 file is open, go to the Reports menu, select Gains & Losses, Tax Forms.
4.) From the report toolbar select the Wash Sale Detail report and then click Run Report.
5.) If you have NO disallowed losses from wash sales you will receive the message shown here:
6.) If you did have disallowed losses from wash sales then the Wash Sale Detail report will open and will list a summary of those disallowed losses, an example is shown here:
Important: If you do have disallowed losses from wash sales, then click here to continue to the next verification step.
If you did NOT have disallowed losses from wash sales: then your 2012 file would not be affected by the potential error. You can now update TradeLog by going to the Help menu and selecting Update. When finished updating you are complete and you will be ready to follow our Getting Started Guide for working on 2012 tax year.