User Guide


Running End Tax Year for 2012

You indicated that you do not have a 2012 tax year data file. It is important that you run the End Tax Year function when completing your tax filing, this function will create the next tax year file along with any wash sale deferrals and open positions that must be carried over.
We recommend running the End Tax Year process in the same TradeLog version used for creating your tax reporting. Therefore it may be best that you not update TradeLog when prompted until after you have completed these steps:
1) If TradeLog is already running you should exit the software completely and start fresh, this will reset any potential errors.
2) Run TradeLog, ignore any prompts to update the software.
3) Open your 2011 tax year data file (if you have multiple brokerage accounts then open the combined file you created for tax reporting).
4) With the file open, go to the File menu, select End Tax Year / Create Next Tax Year Data File.
5) TradeLog will ask you to confirm several questions depending on the software version you are using. Click on the correct answers for your scenario.
6) You should receive a confirmation message when the process is complete. You are now finished and you should have a 2012 tax year file for each brokerage account.
7) Now you should update TradeLog, click on the Help menu, select Update, and then follow the instructions on screen.
You can now continue using TradeLog for 2012 following the instructions outlined in our Getting Started Guide!