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Quicken (*.qif) - OLD

Quicken® (*.qif) Import Instructions:
Many on-line brokers offer a Quicken Interface for exporting trading account data for the entire year.
This utility allows you to build and download your trading activity in a Quicken Interface Format (*.qif) file. Once downloaded, the resulting file can be imported into your TradeLog program.
Please note that Quicken has discontinued their support of this file format and now uses OFX to import from online brokers, so the qif file format may disappear very soon!
Quicken also has a QIF Export feature, so that any account data currently residing in Quicken can easily be exported out and imported into TradeLog using the QuickenQIF import utility.
Please note: The QIF export out of Quicken has proven to be most unreliable when importing into TradeLo. Therefore we do not support this method, and suggest that you import your trade history direct from your online broker and not into Quicken first.
General Procedure:
  • Log on to your online trading web site and go to the Customer Reports section.
  • Find the Quicken Reports option.
  • Select the appropriate Start and End dates (for example, Start " 1/1/1999", End "12/31/1999").
  • Click the Build QIF button.
  • Download the file to your hard drive. Save it to "C:\My Documents\TradeLog4".
  • Run TradeLog.
  • Click the Quicken Imp speed button.
  • A File Open window will appear.
  • Select the appropriate QIF import file and click on the Open button.
  • Trades saved in the QIF import file are imported into your TradeLog data file. When prompted to save your imported trades, click YES.