User Guide


Import from a CSV file

General Procedure:
  • Log on to your Charles Schwab trading account web site
    and Click on the Account tab and then History tab.

    If you have more than one account, select the account you wish to download from in the drop down.

    Then make sure to select Transactions as the type of history to download..
  • By default the filter should be set to All Transactions. You can confirm this by clicking on Edit Filter, make sure All Transactions has been checked, then click Apply
    Note: This is necessary so you can get all option expirations, exercises, and assignments.

  • Select the date range from the drop down box: Previous Year, Current Year, or you can select a Custom Date Range and fill in the From/To dates, then click Search.
  • TIP: For best results, click on the Date column header to sort the date in ASCENDING order (oldest date first), this will help import trades in correct order.
  • Click the Export button to begin the csv file download.
  • Click the OK button on the popup Export Transactions Data dialog box.

    Click the Save button on the popup File Download dialog box.

    Note: If the csv file opens in your web browser, or opens in Microsoft Excel, rather than receiving a prompt to download and save, then there is likely a problem with your Windows file associations for csv files. For instructions on how to fix this click here

    NOTE: If the File Download box fails to appear, you may have to enable File Downloading in your web browser by right-clicking on the following message in Internet Explorer and selecting Download File:

    If prompted: Select the Import folder under the TradeLog folder under My Documents from the Save In drop down selector.
  • Click the Save button to save the file to this location on your hard drive.
    Note, some web browsers will not prompt for a location to save the file, instead they will automatically save the file in a downloads folder. You will need to move the file to the location specificed above.
  • Run TradeLog
  • Click on the Charles Schwab Imp speed button.

    A popup dialog box will ask whether you want to import using brokerConnect or Excel CSV Download. Select Excel CSV Download to import from a downloaded CSV file and click OK.

    If you already selected a default method of importing when creating your file, this box will not appear. See: Selecting a Broker Import Filter.
  • Select the file you just saved from the Charles Schwab Import popup dialog box and click the Open button.
  • Your trades will be automatically imported and matched.
  • Repeat steps 3-12 as needed until all of your data is imported up to date.