User Guide


Import from CSV File

General Procedure:
  • Log on to your Scottrade account and Click on the My Account Tab
    and select Account History and Transactions.
  • Click Select Date Range and then set Start Date and End Date for the report, then click the GO button.
  • Click the Export to Excel link,
    Note: If the csv file opens in your web browser, or opens in Microsoft Excel, rather than receiving a prompt to download and save, then there is likely a problem with your Windows file associations for csv files. For instructions on how to fix this click here
  • Select Save
  • Save the report csv file to your "c:\my documents\tradelog\import" directory.
  • Run TradeLog
  • Click on the Scottrade Imp speed button and a file Scottrade Import dialog box will appear.
  • Select the file you just downloaded and click the Open button.
  • Your trades will be automatically imported and matched.
  • Click Yes to save your imported records.