User Guide


Sending Error Reports

TradeLog includes error reporting tools to help isolate the cause of errors and bugs that may occur in the use of the software. When you install TradeLog an error reporting tool will also be installed which will run whenever you run TradeLog, this tool is called CodeSite Dispatcher.
Note: Some errors may require TradeLog to close in order to prevent data corruption.
When an error occurs you will typically be prompted with the option to send an error report to TradeLog Support. All data files sent to TradeLog Support can only be accessed by authorized TradeLog staff with password credentials. Your social security number is not stored in any files sent, any account credentials are encrypted.
  • Click Yes when prompted to send an error report, an example of an error message is shown below:

  • TradeLog will open a Send Files to Support dialog box. The Name and Email fields will be populated with the information you registered your software with.

  • By default, TradeLog will select the option to include your Import Folder. This will send the recent import history that was downloaded from your broker. We recommend sending this for best support results, especially with import errors.

  • Include a brief description of the problem that occured. It is best to tell us what you were doing when the Error message occured. In order to resolve your error we often must attempt to duplicate it, therefore the clearer information we have the better.

  • Click Send after entering all of the information above. We will reply to the email address you provided with the support needed.