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Trade Execution Software Platform Support

Support for trade execution software programs such as Townsend Analytics' "RealTick", Interactive Broker's TWS, or Spear, Leads & Kellogg's "Redi" software is irrelevant. These are simply the software vehicles used to chart and execute your trades.
In reality, trade history data comes from the clearing firm, and is sometimes reformatted by the brokerage to provide a customized version of your trade history. Most trade execution software platforms provide some sort of trade history as well, but they are usually limited to a few days or do not include commissions. This makes their reports quite useless. Therefore we do not support importing trade history direct from trade execution software platforms.
TradeLog users need to think in terms of who provides their trade history data. Sometimes the brokerage provides the trade history reports. For example: Terra Nova provides trade history reports from their web site, even though the reports are created by Instinet (Terra Nova's clearing firm).
In other cases, the brokerage simply provides their clients direct access to their clearing firm's web site for trade history. For example: CyberTrader sends their clients directly to APEX (CyberTrader's clearing firm) for their trade history.
Please check with your online brokerage to find out where you can access your trade history reports.