User Guide


Import from a txt file

Thinkorswim Legacy Import - for trade history data up to August 15, 2011
TD Ameritrade has made the Thinkorswim / Penson Historical data available on it's web site.
For trade history after August 15, 2011 please use the TD Ameritrade import filter.
General Procedure:
  • Go to the TD Ameritrade web site.
  • Enter your UserID and Password, and then click the Login button.
  • Click on Accounts and select History & Statements and then select Penson Historical Data.
  • The following window will appear. Click Reports, enter a From and To date and click Go
5. After your Trade History report displays in your web browser, click the Download Data button at the top right side of the screen.
6. An Export Data window will appear.
7. Select Delimited text file and Comma delimited , then click the Download now button.
     Mozilla/FireFox users will get the following message in red:
     Please right-click on the note in red and then click Save Link As
8. A File Download window will appear.
9. Click the Save button to begin the download.
10. Using the drop-down menus provided in the "Save In" box, navigate to and save your file in the "../My Documents\TradeLog\Import" folder on your hard drive.
11. Click the Save button to save the file to your hard drive.
12. Run TradeLog
13. Click the TOS Imp speed button to begin the import process.
14. The Penson Import window will appear. Navigate to and select the appropriate ExportData.txt text file to be imported into your data file.
15. Click the Open button to begin importing your trade data. Trades are automatically imported and matched by Trade Number. Open trades will be closed or added to, and new trades will be opened.
16. To confirm your report and save the trade data to disk, click the YES button. Click the NO button to cancel the import.
17. A Confirmation window will appear, indicating the number of imported records and asking you to confirm the import. Click YES to confirm.