User Guide


Toggle Long/Short

This function is particularly useful when a broker incorrectly records long transactions as "short" on a trade history report. When this occurs, trades will be imported as indicated on the report, resulting in improper trade matching (and, ultimately, a "Negative Shares" error).
To change one or more trade records from short to long or vice versa:
  • Select each trade record to be toggled from short to long (or vice versa).
  • Click Edit, Toggle Short/Long or Long/Short or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + L.
  • A Confirm popup window will appear, asking "This will toggle the selected trades from short/long or long/short. Is this what you want to do?"
  • Click YES to edit the trades, NO to cancel.
  • If you selected YES, TradeLog will change the transaction to short or long, as indicated.
  • A Confirm popup window will appear, asking "Save your changes?". Click YES to save, NO to cancel.
If you are using this function to convert a long transaction to a short transaction, and you find your trade records are not being revised, you may need to make a few adjustments prior to using the function due to strict FIFO trade matching in TradeLog. 
For example, in order to properly record a short sale in TradeLog, the "sell" transaction must be listed in the data file before the "buy" (to cover short) transaction.  Try to drag and drop the "sell" record above the "buy" record using your mouse, and then click Edit, Toggle Short/Long or Long/Short.