User Guide


Transferring Open Positions in Single-Account File

Note: using this function in a singl-account file automatically creates a new additional account in the same data file. In other words, the single-account dat file converts to a multi-account data file. If you wish to keep your data files separate see Transfer Open Trades Between Data Files.
To transfer all open positions to a new account:
  • Create a new file (Creating a new file) or open an existing file within TradeLog.
  • Import transaction history from the account that is closing to the date of the transfer.
  • Verify all open positions are correct at date of transfer. (Verify Open Positions.)
  • Click Accounts, Transfer Open Positions


    if you are in the Open Positions window, click the Transfer Open Positions button on the toolbar.
  • A warning dialog will appear asking, "Are you sure you want to transfer open positions?" Click Yes to proceed or No to cancel.
  • The Account Setup box will popup. Enter your new account information in all required fields and click OK.
TradeLog will now add a tab in your main grid containing your new account and transferred open positions.
Additional Notes:
  • If a user closes an account, and wants to transfer all open positions into an existing account, which contains other trades, they must create a mult-account data file - see Transferring Open Positions in Multi-Account File.
  • If a user is closing an existing account and transferring all open positions to a new account or brokerage, they could simply edit the import filter after they have imported all trades in the existing account up to the date of transfer. However, if there are reconciliation differences in broker's 1099-B statement, it may be difficult to ascertain which account is causing the discrepancy!