User Guide


Transferring Open Trades Between Data Files

Currently there is no function available to transfer separate lots of trades from one account to another. A user must manually edit each data file to achieve the desired result.  Read each scenario below to find which best fits your situation.
1.) User has buy to open trade(s) that transferred to a new account or brokerage

In this scenario, there are only opening trades (Open, Long) that need to be transferred.
For this example, the use will have to cut the open trades from his existing data file and paste them into a new data file. This means the user has to create a new data file if he has not already done so - for instructions, see Cutting, Copying, and Pasting Trades.
2.) User has partially closed long trade(s) that transferred to a new account or brokerage

There are two variations of this scenario.
  • If a user has partial sells that offset partial buys in the same trade, and still has a transferable record remaining or open, they could simply follow the direction in the first scenario of this list. For example, If there are two separate buy lots of AAPL for 100 shares each and an additional closing sale for 100 shares, it's obvious there are 100 shares of AAPL still open. The last open position of AAPL can be cut out of one data file and pasted in another data file.
  • If a user has a trade that is partially closed, but there is no record or transaction to transfer there is need for manual adjustment in the data file. For instance, if 500 shares of AAPL are bought and only 300 are sold, there is no record or transaction to transfer.
To properly account for the transfer:
  • Edit the amount of shares bought to match the amount of shares sold - see Editing A Trade.

    In this example 500 is edited to read 300.
  • Create a new file (Creating a new file) or open an existing file within TradeLog.
  • Add a trade ( Add A Record) containing the remaining shares at the same price originally bought, but do not add the same commission. Leave the commission blank.
  • Save your new record by pressing the Enter key on your keyboard twice.