User Guide



UNX Import Instructions:
In their trade history reports UNX uses option symbols for option trades rather than option descriptions. Therefore, when manually entering your open option positions from last tax year, you must enter them using the proper option symbol so that TradeLog can properly match them with the closing positions upon import.
General Procedure:
  • Go to the UNX web site and log in to your account..
  • Select a Start and End date range for your report.
  • Select the Comma Delimited File (CSV) option.
  • Click the download button and save the CSV file to your "c:\my documents\TradeLog\import" directory.
  • Run TradeLog
  • Click on the UNX Imp speed button.  If there are no trades in your TradeLog data file
    an "IMPORTING RECORDS FOR THE FIRST TIME" dialog box will pop up - click YES.
  • An Import from UNX *.csv file dialog box will appear - click on the YES button.
  • Select the appropriate CSV file and click on the Open button.
  • Your trades will be imported and automatically matched.