User Guide


Wash Sale Detail Report

If you wish to analyze your disallowed wash sale losses that have been deferred to next year, you may run this report. The report consists of two sections:
Wash Sales Detail Section - This is the pages preceding the first page of the report which isolates only those trades which have resulted in a wash sale deferral so you can see exactly what caused this to happen. This will help you to better understand the effect wash sales have on your taxes so you can take corrective action as necessary.
Wash Sale Deferrals Section - This section is usually found on the first page of the report and summarizes exactly which stocks and options are responsible for wash sale losses being deferred to next tax year and includes the loss amount deferred by each ticker.
The section is further broken down by WS Loss Deferrals attached to Year-End open Positions and WS Loss Deferrals attached to January trades. This allows you to see clearly which tickers have the greatest affect on your wash sale deferrals.