User Guide


Wedbush Securities

Wedbush Import Instructions:
 General Procedure:
  • From the Account menu, select Activity.

  • In Account Activity, choose the date range to download, then click GO.

  • Once the data has displayed, click on the link to Export Data.

  • This step may vary depending on your browser and settings: When prompted, Save the file to your computer. We recommend saving the file to your documents/tradelog/Import folder for best results.

  • Run TradeLog and open your data file containing the brokerage account.

    From the toolbar, select the broker import button for the appropriate WedBush supported broker.
  • TradeLog will prompt you to select the file containing the data you downloaded. The default folder shown is documents/tradelog/Import. If you saved your downloaded file to a different location you will need to browse to that location.

    Select the appropriate CSV file then click Open.

  •  TradeLog will import the records and prompt you to save. Click Yes to save and continue.