User Guide


Overview of Welcome Screen

Overview of Welcome Screen
Click on an orange label above to view details for that part of the Welcome Screen.
The Welcome Screen is designed to make it easier to open and use TradeLog, as well as get needed help and support.

Title Bar

1. Title Bar
The Title Bar provides the following information:
  • The version of TradeLog you are using (ex. TradeLog1500).
  • The path of your data file location TradeLog will use on your hard drive (ex. C:\Users\Demonstration\Documents\tradelog)

Main Menu Bar

2. Main Menu Bar
Almost all of the functions outlined in the Comprehensive User Guide can be accessed by selecting the function from the appropriate Main Menu option.

File Navigation Functions

3. File Navigation Functions
The File Navigation Functions allow users to quickly choose between:
  • Creating a new file
  • Opening an existing file
  • Reopening a recently used file

Help Resources

4. Help Resources
The Help Resources are direct links to important resources to help new and existing users. Some resources are located on the internet and will open in your internet browser.

Software Information

5. Software Information
The Software Information section contains key information as a reference, as well as links to software functions including:
  • Click on the Reg Code to copy to clipboard - making it easier to fill out online forms.
  • Click on Renew/Upgrade to go directly to www.tradelogsoftware.com and view renewal and upgrade options.
  • Click on Armen Computing Ltd to learn about our company.
  • Click on the End-User License Agreement to read the software license agreement.

Getting Started Panel

6. Getting Started Panel
The Getting Started Panel puts the 8-step Getting Started Guide right at your finger tips, guiding users through TradeLog one step at a time with additional resources and help just a few clicks away.
The Getting Started Panel will provide suggested instructions based on your actions in TradeLog. Or you can manually choose your steps with the dropdown box. Click the links on the right for detailed instructions, tutorials, and further help.
The panel can be resized by dragging it's top border up or down with your mouse. Or if you wish to disable this panel see the instructions here: Display Getting Started Panel

Status Bar

7. Status Bar
The Status Bar is the bottom section of the main TradeLog window. This bar provides the following information (various status messages shown above):
  • Registration information - whether the software is fully registered, running in the trial mode, or your software has expired.
  • Notification of a new software update - see Updating your Version for details.
  • Number of days left in your current subscription.