User Guide


What is CodeSite Dispatcher?

TradeLog utilizes an error reporting tool called CodeSite Dispatcher, which is published by Raize Software. This tool captures and records necessary information regarding errors that may occur when using TradeLog. This information can then be sent to TradeLog Support to help resolve technical errors you may have. (See Sending Error Reports for more details).
CodeSite Dispatcher will start and run whenever you run TradeLog, usually you will not be aware this is running. In the Windows Task Manager you may see a process named CSDispatcher.exe.
When installing TradeLog your firewall program may prompt you whether to allow CodeSite Dispatcher to communicate through your networks. You can choose to allow this, your choice will not affect the basic error reporting in TradeLog. However, if you require more advanced technical support in the future it may be necessary to enable firewall access for this process.
Shown below is a Windows Firewall alert for users of that program: